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Social Responsibility

Doing good in order to do great

Cape Karoo International actively endeavours through different BBBEE empowerment and community projects to uplift our previously disadvantages people and communities.

Please contact us if you would like to support and get involved.

  • Community projects like supporting schools, maintenance of sports fields, food programs etc.
  • CKI participates in the national skills development programme accredited by SETA (Skills Education Training Authorities), offering in-house training, and also supports ABET – Adult Basic Educational Training for external people.
  • Enterprise Developments are supported within Western Cape, Northern Cape and Free State.
  • NMMU animal production managers’ internship programs on farms in cooperation with the University of Stellenbosch.
  • Ostrich eggshell carving project for skills development and job creation.

A Brighter, more empowered future

Besides gracing the unique landscape with its unmatched beauty, this unlikely bird has provided a livelihood to the local people if this area for decades. People have worked, lived and brought up families on these farms for many generations. Cape Karoo International has created opportunities and taken responsibility of education and new skills to uplift this rural community.

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