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Beautifull Cape Karoo International pioneered the global supply of quality ostrich leather around the world since its inception a few decades ago.

As a world leader in the ostrich industry, Klein Karoo continues to focus on the innovative and dynamic needs of the international fashion industry.

Constant attention to quality and finishing by the Klein Karoo Boutique ensures the continuing international demand for this amazing leather.

Garment ostrich leather is enjoying increasing popularity due to improved softness and roundness of feel. The fashionable wearer of ostrich leather creations is very aware of the uniqueness, luxury and status offered by ostrich leather.

Therefore, a collection from any of the ultra-luxury fashion houses would be incomplete without the inclusion of a beautiful ostrich item. Footwear is yet another way the beauty of ostrich leather steps forward.

Parisian feet have always been shod in this material. Even the workaday cowboy needs to distinguish and discern with his choice of boots. The top American boot manufacturers have long used Klein Karoo ostrich in their deluxe range boots.

Klein Karoo created “maddog” finishing is a firm favourite – making ostrich demands outstrip any other exotic leather.

“Luxury faces many challenges. Karoo’s closeness to the international fashion industry ensures that we continue to develop and create new demand through stimulating and exciting new looks. The Hallmark of Quality of genuine Klein Karoo leather was never truer than it is today. Quality will remain what we are world renown for, and through this approach we retain and grow the use of this superior leather,” says Wim van Rooyen, general manager of Cape Karoo International’s leather division.

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